Thursday, October 24, 2013

Return With a Plan

The blog has been quiet for a while as other (homefront) projects have taken over.  Despite that, I was able to chip away a few minutes here and there to work on a (HO scale) track plan starting at the south end and working north:
For reference, this recreates the following portion from the 1972 track diagram with the exception of spot #335 on the far left:
I've implemented it as three "modules" for easy transport in the future.  They are non-standard and non-equal in length and width to ensure that all of the breaks between sections avoid turnouts.

The grid shown on the plan uses 12" squares which means that the left half is 30" wide.  However, I expect to build this as a standalone peninsula without backdrops.  With it accessible from all sides, I don't think the width will be a problem.

This is the first (public) draft -- following nine or so tweaks and rewrites -- and while writing about it now, I noticed that the left-most "module" is more compressed in real distance compared to the other two.  This ends up shortchanging the spots along Terrace St at the top (#340, #342, and #348).

PS> I will have to confess that while reading blogs I follow and reminiscing about a previous operating experience and an O-scale switching layout, I was tempted to switch scales.  I'd have to go P:48 if I did and I found myself quickly stuck trying to determine availability of period (1970s) freight cars.  Do the P:48 modelers accept the slightly oversize equipment as long as the gaudy wheelsets are changed out?  Anyway, that was a dangerous diversion and I'd better stick to what I know: HO scale.  Though I will dabble with some of the P:87 aspects to enhance track detail.