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I decided that a little blog (re)organization was in order, so the previously scattered "Industry Review" series is now indexed in one handy location on this page.  This blog began in April of 2013 and most posts before then were largely conjecture based on what little information I had.  All of that changed in September of 2013 when I obtained copies of Frisco industry diagram documents revised to 1972.  With that, I could research the actual companies served by the railroad near my intended modelling era.

The Map (click link for a 'zoomable' view):

The List (click link for a 'zoomable' view):

The Industries (with links to detailed research posts):
Spot CodeIndustry Name
305Garfield Team Track
306Paper Supply Company
308Runaround Track
311C. E. Schutte Lumber Company
315Carthage Marble Corporation
319W. C. Tingle Company
326Pacific Mutual Door Company
327Battenfield Grease & Oil Company
335Safeway Bakery
336Motor Parts Distributors Incorporated
340Sherwood Chemical Company
340AUnion Carbide
340BAmerican Mineral Spirits Company
341Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
342Turner Uni-Drive Company
345U. S. Engineering
348Swenson Construction Company
353Styro Fabricators Incorporated
354Fred Wolferman Incorporated

Also, check out a detailed post on the expected traffic serving the line.

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