Monday, December 27, 2021

(Still) In The Diesel Shop - Continued

 The crew down at the shop must've been on strike for the last six months as they made no progress on modifying the frame to accommodate the new trucks until today -- must be trying to clear their backlog before the end of the year.

Short update here with the trucks now oriented the correct way with clearance in the frame for the drive towers.

Some close ups ... Don't mind the aluminum dust:

Also, the suspected problem of the new P:48 wheelset axles mentioned in the last posting turned out to be true.   As delivered, the replacements measured 1.798in (vs the original 5' gauge ones at 1.8165in) and in keeping with the P:48 specs, they should've been around 1.655in.

A makeshift jig using a mini-drill press and a mini desk vise was enough to get the axles shortened down to around 1.62in to 1.64in and we're back in business with squarely aligned trucks.

One step closer to getting this thing running!  Next up is fabricating some motor mounts and securing -- I'm thinking glue -- the universal joints to the motor shafts.

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