Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pacific Mutual Door Company

Industry Review continues with a look at spot #326, the Pacific Mutual Door Company.  According to the abbreviated history their website, this location was established in 1952 when the company rebuilt their local operations following the floods of 1951.

Aerial views in 1959 and 1969 show what appears to be a single boxcar spotted at the facility.  Commodities would likely be inbound lumber for the millwork department or plate glass for inclusion in windows.   Perhaps in later years, some windows or doors were received directly as they expanded into a role of local distributor for national brands.

Historic Aerials has a long gap in coverage, and by 2006, the tracks are gone.  I particularly like this view along with the street view one that shows the spur elevated above the climbing right-of-way.

This elevation change means that this will be a signature scene.

There were four direct rail doors and the rear portion of the building was set back slightly to accomodate an outdoor dock.

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