Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Several modelers have been promoting the use of additional props to enhance the realism and slow the pace of operating sessions.  I've seen suggestions like locked switch stands, brake wheels, and operating fences in writings by Lance Mindheim, Mike Cougill, and Trevor Marshall.  I definitely agree with this approach and have always been searching for ways to replicate more of the "on the ground" work so that switch jobs aren't just wham bam done

Adding an oversize switch stand outside of the layout area and connecting it either via linkage or motor to operate the model turnout -- as Trevor did here -- is one of those that I had to archive here for future reference.

It appears that the switch stands that Trevor uses are available from Sunset Valley.  They're nearly the cost of a commercial HO turnout, but for a small switching layout like I'm envisioning for the Fairgrounds branch it might make sense.