The collection of postings on this blog contain quite a bit of information on the prototype and it is largely indexed by industry.  This page serves as a high-level overview of the prototype and will be helpful to new blog visitors or others looking for clarification of place.

What railroad?
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Kansas City, Missouri
Specifically, the near southwest side, right near the border with Kansas.
(The dark gray lines are my gross approximation of the trackage)

Why this particular rail line?
I was attracted to this operation after seeing the remnants at the northern end from a distance on a few occasions and, upon further inspection via Google Maps, discovered that there was actually a mile of industrial track.  As I've come to recognize the reality of my railroad modeling endeavors -- e.g. limited space, time, budget, etc forecasted over the next several years -- I've refocused my interests on smaller prototypes that still provide interesting modeling opportunities and operational interest.  In short, this is buildable and it has potential to be fun along the way.