Monday, August 25, 2014

Plot Map

It's been nearly two-months since a fresh posting on kcspur, but summer activities always seem to push railroad modeling to the back burner.

With many kudos again to members, I've obtained a copy of a plot map of the entire Fairgrounds Branch.  The original creation date is unknown, but there are updates to it as recent as 1974.  Displayed here are scaled down versions split in half for viewing convenience.
    Part 1 (North half)
                                       Part 2 (South half)

There's some great information on this diagram, such as:
  • The turnout frog angle numbers are shown inline with the map
  • The lengths of spur tracks are shown

Plus, I was able to clarify a few outstanding items regarding industries:
  • Safeway had two rail-served locations on the branch:
    • The bakery is just left of center on the southern (right) half of the map
    • The grocery warehouse is at the end of the line on the west side of the tracks
  • The sub-lease of part of the former Columbia Bedding property to Motor Parts Distributors is cleary noted in this document.
I'll continue to dig into the details of this map and update this post along with other Industry Review pages as I learn more.