Monday, September 1, 2014


Sometime between yesterday and today, this blog's readership crossed the 5000 total views mark.  In the previous eighteen months, 33 posts have documented my findings of a short Frisco Railway industrial spur in Kansas City, Missouri.  This date also marks (almost) one year since the blog was able to transition from largely speculation and guesswork to one of targeted research due to the find of the 1972 railroad produced spot map.  This change in trajectory gave new life to this project and set the stage for creating a railroad model, not just a model railroad.  It'll likely be some time before I'm able to begin construction, so for now, the research continues to flush out details and narrow down the industrial history of the rail-served properties.  I also hope to experiment with a few experiments in "modern" P:48 modeling, since, after writing about it previously, I've become more interested in that scale as the preferred medium to recreate The Fairgrounds Branch.