Saturday, April 27, 2013


Welcome to the online documentation of my railroad modeling efforts.

First, a little background.  I've been active with model trains for nearly 20 years, ranging from assisting my both my father and brother with design and construction of their respective layouts and operating on several fine model railroads across the country.

I owe most of my experience in the hobby to the people in Rail Group in Chicago, IL, a group of serious model railroaders who've fully explored the finer points of operation.

Astute readers will recognize me as the designer and author of a track plan for the Milwaukee Road's Beer Line published in the November 2011 Model Railroader magazine.

My target for what to model used to be practically etched in stone...Clinchfield Railroad in 1972.  A fair portion of the equipment for such a recreation is in storage but the space to do it justice as been elusive.

After having produced the Beer Line design, I've taken quite an interest in smaller switching layouts.  Two prototypes have since caught my interest: 1) Green Bay, WI and 2) Kansas City, MO.   Of course, there are (or were as the case may be) industrial switching prototypes all over the place, but these two have been accessible to me since family lives near each and provides a good reason to visit.

My current focus is on an industrial spur line of the Frisco RR in Kansas City, MO -- hence the name for the blog.  Here's the present day Google Map of the area.  Visible on the map is the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and Liberty St where the spur crossed the road, served a lumber yard and continued southeast curving around the bluffs to server several smaller industries.

More posts on the history of the line as I learn it.

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