Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tour the Line

Thanks to Google Maps and Street View, I can see a good portion of the line from 550 miles away.

Overview map showing relationship of all locations
1) Genesse St looking south towards Rosedale Yard remnants
2) Genesse St looking north at where the spur diverged (to the right behind red Mexican restaurant)
3) Southwest Blvd looking mostly south at a former warehouse
4) Southwest Blvd looking mostly south at Schutte Lumber Company
5) Schutte Lumber Company from 31st Street
6) Pacific Mutual Door Company from 31st Street
7) ROW South from 31st Street, the spur to PMD was up at a higher elevation
8) Looking northeast from Roanoke Rd, one can see that the ROW was at a higher elevation
9 & 10) Next road access is from 34th Street; looking back north and south
11) The hilly nature of the area looking east from that same 34th Street spot; we'll be up there shortly
12) The ROW briefly appears again between warehouses as viewed again from Roanoke Rd looking east
13) The line ends between two warehouses as viewed from Karnes Blvd.
14) At the tree line in the distance is where a switch back went north along Terrace St.
15) Terrace St had tracks along both sides of the road (looking north now)
16) Top of the hill on 34th Street where it intersects Terrace St.